How to Maintain the Structural Exterior of Your Home


Landlords and tenants in NZ have responsibilities when it comes to maintaining home exterior. Before a landlord lets in a new tenant, he should ensure all exterior parts of the home are in good condition. For example, walls should be clean, gutters, doors and windows should assure the tenant great safety. The tenant will be required to maintain good quality of exterior structures such as gardens and outdoor furniture which the landlord may have installed.

Among the important areas where the landlord and the tenants should check out regularly include the roof. Leaky roof can expose tenants to the risk of losing property due to high level of moisture in the home. In order to maintain structural exterior of the home, here are some of the tips you can apply:

How to maintain the structural exterior of your home

Roof Check quality

Roofs should be well maintained before a tenant enters the home. Roofs tend to be slippery hence they should be handled with great care. If you do not have experience on how to check the roof and improve it, then you need to hire experts for the services.

We are highly qualified roofing company which you can hire for your roofing in Wellington. Just visit our website at We have highly qualified professionals who will handle your roof with great care. Some of the areas where we will check on include corrosion of the roof, lichen, algae development and any other dirt that may have built on your roof.
At Wellington Lightweight Roofing we know different roofing styles which will work well in different buildings. If you will like to change your roof so that you will enhance the structural integrity of your home, then you need to call us. We offer the services at fair rates. We will work on your roof and ensure it has been done perfectly before we leave your home. We also offer new roofing in Wellington. Try us and you will agree we are the best roofing contractors in Wellington.

Exterior Walls

Exterior walls will send out different messages about your home. Dirty walls may reduce the value of your home. You need to check the walls and have any repairs carried out. The professionals will wash the walls so that they can see any cracks which are developing. They will seal the cracks and work on the wall base to ensure it is structurally sound. If the walls are being rained on, the professionals will work on the roof and make necessary extensions to ensure the walls have been covered well.


If your cladding is letting in weather, then the professionals will work on them to ensure they are working well. The professionals can check on the cracks which have developed and seal them. Some of the factors which can lead to poor performance of the cladding include loose cladding, holes, loose fixing and the choice of cladding.

The professionals will take into consideration all the factors and correct your cladding. This will make your home energy efficient. Just contact Wellington Lightweight Roofing and you will be assured of the best structural exterior maintenance services in your home.

We offer the best roofing services in Wellington; we have highly trained roofing contractors in Wellington who will ensure your project is a great success. Visit us at get a free quote for your new roofing in Wellington.

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